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In case you still want to belong to the community of fans and devotées of the Alien, Aliens, Alien3, Alien Resurrection as well as Terminator 1 + 2 movies, then it is now time to pay your fee for the next three issues of "The Facehugger" because the ALIENator Fan Confederation has a lot to offer in the future as well.

We like to continue to work on improving the contact between our members and hope that you will board the dropship with us again and participate in the adventure.

So, if you want to continue to receive exclusive stories, news and interviews, as well as ideas and reports on the ALIENator-world, then deposit the membership-fee of presently 15.- € for Germany (other European countries: 17.50 € and 20.- € elsewhere) into the known bank account and fill out the form below.

Your membership ends automatically if you do not extend explicitly. (The AFC will inform you in time before termination, so that you can extend!)
You can cancel your membership at any time and will get my unused money of 5.- € per issue not received back as soon as possible!

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