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Here is our banner for everyone who wants to link to us:

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And now our recommendations:

BugStomper’s Banner
German webpage of our member Sven-Patrick Schymik (Bug Stomper) featuring many links, etc.

further links regarding Alien & Terminator:

A professional fan-site regarding Alien, Terminator and other Sci-Fi-movies can be found under!
Here you can also order diverse memorabilia directly via

You can find an absolutely GIGANTIC site mainly on Aliens at Harry Harris’ Aliens Collection!

detailed German information on Arnold Schwarzenegger and Planet Hollywood.

The official Alien Resurrection homepage of 20th Century Fox.

Details on the Alien-Legacy DVD-Box.

Nice Site on all Alien movies.

Picture-gallery on all four movies at Hollywood Studios (Careful: GeoCities site!)

Excerpts from a yet-unpublished Story called Hive Busters.

Small FTP-picture-gallery on Swedish University Networks server.

Special Effects from the Master Stan Winston.

The pages of H. R. Giger.

A small Alien-Site by Peta Rosenberg, with quizes on all four movies.

Otherwise: The webring on Alien:
The Alien Webring

And a commercial offering with e-mail-adress, chat, etc from Aliens-Net:

further science-fiction links:

The Science Fiction Treff Darmstadt presents the German SF-Pages for the area around Darmstadt, Germany with newsletter, downloads, forums, and much more.

The German Science Fiction Basar offers books and much more on science-fiction in general.

Much information on Star Wars can be found at the German Star Wars Fan Alliance (SWFA).

technical links:

And the company that hosts our website:

STRATO Partner Programm

The script-collection of Matt Wright offers many comfortable CGIs!

The scripts of nms - London Perl Mongers offer the same features, but are more secure!

From Claude Reuter we have the mailinglist-script.

At tag4tag you can find lots of German scripts.

You can find the postcard-script at Freescript.

The voting-script is available at Web-Consult.

The search-service is kindly provided by

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