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Facehugger Millennium Edition - 2000

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Cover ALIENator Fan Confederation 1 page
content Layout Jun Kurokoshi 1 page
editorial by Jun Kurokoshi 2 pages
The case Roger Dresch 1987 - how everything began... 2 pages
Facehugger #1 1988 36 pages
Facehugger #2 1988 40 pages
Facehugger #3 18.03.1989 60 pages
Facehugger #4 03.10.1989 68 pages
Facehugger #4 03.10.1989 68 pages
Facehugger #5 04.1990 48 pages
Gateway News #1 1990 4 pages
Facehugger #6 26.10.1990 48 pages
Facehugger #7 03.1991 52 pages
Facehugger #8 1991 68 pages
Gateway News #2 12.1991 4 pages
Facehugger #9 03.1992 60+6 pages
Facehugger #10 1992/1993 56 pages
Facehugger #11/12 1993 96+4 pages
Facehugger #13 1994 72 pages
News update #1 04.1995 2 pages
News update #2 07.1997 6 pages
News update #3 01.2000 4 pages
Backcover ALIENator Fan Confederation 2 pages
742 pages


Hey folks!

Even though there is no new Facehugger available at the time (blame on the editors for the long stretch!) these lines were written, we have thought of doing something special. And so here is the ultimate collection of all the released Facehuggers of the 20th century: the Facehugger Millennium Edition!

Why a compilation?

As a new member joined our club, it asked wether it would be possible to get old issues of the Facehugger. (At that time are originals were lost in different cellars...) And so the question arose wether someday all of the issues would be made avalaible in one compilation.
We at once found the idea intriguing, but we had no clue of how much work that would mean...

What is different?

Contrary to the individual issues that are again available in (limited) supply, the originals were partly redone for this special edition. Bad photos (like the ones for the Dave-feature in FH 13) have been scanned again, dithered and digitally copied. Furthermore a lot of colour-photos have been copied in colour.
However some things are missing, so a handfull of photos have been lost and had to be copied from a copy. Also one or the other numbering did not survive...
But as a bonus we have included all the Gateway-News and News updates to present a complete survey of the club's work.

The result!

After long search and lots of work we show the issues uncommented and unchanged despite the fact that some things have changed since the original release. But we wanted to display an undistorted picture of our (and your) work.
So it begins with the mass-letter explaining the founding of the AFC out of the German Aliens Fanclub and ends with the News update 2000 in which we mention our internet-pages.
All in all this edition is a uncomparable piece of history and remeberance of the work of a unique fanclub.
This is not an epitaph rather it is a reportof the state of affairs of the first 13 years. We hope to continue to shape this club with you for at least another 13 years...

We thank!

First of all our member Sven-Patrick Schymik who had the idea of this special print.
Further my co-editors Katja and Matthias for searching deep in the bowels of their cellars to retrieve the (almost) complete originals.
Special thanks however go to my wife Susanne who despite being in her ninth month has spent countless hours with me in the copyshop to make all this possible!

So enjoy reading and browsing!

Jun Kurokoshi
for the editors of the
ALIENator Fan Confederation, May 2000

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