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Aliens versus Predator

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Aliens versus Predator is a first-class ego-shooter. With the right hardware it is a very fast, thrilling and atmospharic game. Because of the good graphics and the imposingly fast feel it is also interesting for players who normally don't enjoy ego-shooters, but like to experience the aliens live. The game is very much based on the setting of Aliens and ensures a dark and convincing environment.

Conclusion: A definite must for every fan with a computer!

As single player you can chose one of the three parties (marine, alien or predator) and play a campaign for that species.
In the multiplayer-mode game-variants like team, co-op, deathmatch, etc. are available. But here not all of the species are possible for each variant.

Required hardware (minimum!):
Microsoft Windows 95/98, Pentium 200 MHz+ (game supports MMX), 32+ MB RAM, DirectX 6+, 200+ MB hard drive (uncompressed), 4+ -times CD-ROM-drive, Direct3D compatible 3D-accelerator with 640*480+ resolution with min. 16 Bit, MS Windows 95/98 compatible soundcard (game supports EAX), for multiplayer as well DirectPlay and IPX or TCP/IP-support and connection via modem, internet or direct-link for up to eight players.

Further infos at Fox Interactive. And here is the patch, with which one can save during the game.

Below is the back cover of the package, below that the inner sleeve (pictures are screenshots!), at the bottom is the voucher for free under-pants(!!!) because the game is so scarry!
AvP back AvP inside Big Dogs underpants

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last changed on: 15.08.2002

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